We feature two full sized adult float pods with multiple floating experiences that the floater can choose for their session, including total sensory deprivation, chroma therapy (color therapy), healing frequency music, binaural meditative beats, and guided imagery.


We offer a deep discount for first time floaters! Floating is stepping into a float “pod” that is very large and spacious. It is filled with about 10” of water and 1000lbs of epsom salt. The floater is naturally buoyant in this environment without the use of any floatation devices.


The water is skin temperature so any sensation of where the water ends and “you” start are erased. As you float in this liquid world the magnesium sulfate in the salt is fast at work easing muscle tension and any joint pressure along the spine as well as all joints. The salt is an amazing skin conditioner and naturally draws fluids into the skin structure plumping and hydrating dry/lackluster skin.


The salt air environment will also do wonders for stuffed sinuses as well as open airways and detoxify the lungs. The greatest benefits are the easing of mental and emotional pressures as the salt water and zero gravity environment effortlessly bring you into an Alpha brain wave state. Alpha is that place where the parasympathetic nervous system is activated into what is coined as “ the relaxation response “.


In this free flow state of mind and being, inflammation naturally decreases while the immune system is enhanced. Blood pressure is decreased and respiration slows. Your brain begins to release endorphins ( feel good chemicals) and the body reaches a state of homeostasis or equilibrium. Under these precise and perfect conditions the body is able to make micro cellular repairs to itself. Our biological matter has its own innate intelligence and not only knows how to heal itself but is programmed to do so genetically.

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Salt Lounge

Salt Lounge